Advantages of stainless steel laminate

Stainless steel laminate

1, stainless steel coated plate with excellent performance, such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance.

2, stainless steel laminate more environmentally friendly with energy saving and health three characteristics, the production of no solvent, no waste gas, less environmental pollution, energy saving effect.
3, stainless steel laminate more stable.
Compared with wood panels, metal coated panels are more resistant to moisture, more durable, more stable, not easy to deformation.
4. Anti-fume: made of PVC high-gloss film, easy to clean;
5, wear resistance: special PET layer, durable;
6, moisture-proof: the surface covered with film, reducing the direct contact between water and stainless steel, strong durability;
7. Good tactile sensation: there is a layer of film on the surface, which is smooth to touch, changing the cold and single feeling of metal material;
8, design and color, there are a variety of color patterns to choose;
9, moderate price, cost-effective.

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Post time: Dec-17-2019
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