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Application and characteristics of colored stainless steel decorative panels

The colored stainless steel plate is definitely not a sprayed plate; its decorative effect and corrosion resistance are far superior to ordinary stainless steel, and its wear resistance, scratch resistance, and scrub resistance are also strong, and its machinability and other performances are comparable to ordinary stainless steel. Same.

1 ,Application of colored stainless steel plate

Colored stainless steel is not a color-coated steel plate, without any paint or toxicity on the surface.


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It forms a layer of transparent oxide film on the surface of silver-white stainless steel, and forms different colors of stainless steel through the interference of the oxide film on light.

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Colored stainless steel plates are suitable for elevator car panels, carriage panels, hall wall panels, backgrounds, ceilings, architectural decorations, signboards, etc. in hotels, guesthouses, entertainment venues, high-end brand stores, and high-end buildings.

2, types of colored stainless steel decorative sheet

Colored stainless steel decorative panels have a variety of beautiful colors and rich patterns; there are mirror, brushed, sandblasting and other surfaces, such as titanium gold, gray gold, champagne gold, rose gold, black titanium (water plating and electroplating), gemstones Blue, brown, green, grass green, violet, purple, wine red, bronze, green bronze (water plating and electroplating), seven colors, etc. The common ones are the following types:

Drawing sheet: There are many types of drawing boards, and various silk shapes, such as hair grain, snowflake sand, cross wire, etc. The drawing board can be customized sample-to-sample.

Mirror sheet: The mirror panel is also called 8K plate. Like a mirror, the stainless steel surface is treated by polishing. The mirror effect can be divided into general grinding, fine grinding, super fine grinding, etc.

Sandblasting sheet: Sandblasting board is to make the surface of stainless steel present a sandy surface, and the density of the sand surface is also divided into fine sand, medium sand, large sand, etc., and the density can also be produced according to the sample, forming a unique decorative effect.

Etched stainless steel sheet: The etched plate has more styles, which use mirror plate, wire drawing plate, sandblasting plate, etc. as the base plate, and process the pattern by printing titanium.

Water corrugated sheet: The water corrugated board is generally based on a colored mirror board and then pressed with water ripples. It is often used in KTV, clubs, ceilings and other places.

Stainless steel honeycomb sheet: Honeycomb panels have been widely used in recent years due to their characteristics of flatness, fire prevention, sound insulation, and heat preservation. Its structural surface is a decorative stainless steel plate, the bottom is made of galvanized steel plate, and the core material is made of aluminum honeycomb core, which is compounded with a special adhesive.

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3, Performance of colored stainless steel decorative panels

Strong decoration

The material is tough and cold to the touch, with metallic luster, which is a relatively avant-garde decorative material. With the dreamy effect of color, the material itself is very decorative.

superior performance

It has excellent corrosion resistance, combustion resistance (high temperature resistance), environmental tolerance, formability, compatibility and toughness, long service life and easy cleaning.

Various processing techniques

It can be processed by hot pressing, cold bending, cutting, welding, etc., and has good process performance.

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