Color stainless steel plate commonly used in what occasions?

Stainless steel sandblast plate

1 architectural decoration
Architectural decoration.
Such as stainless steel foot line, stainless steel background wall, large curtain wall, column edge, generally with the design and color to reflect, on behalf of the products are stainless steel etching board, stainless steel three-dimensional embossing board, stainless steel vacuum plating titanium plate.
2 elevator decoration
Elevator decoration.
The main hall door and car decoration, most of the process used in etching, mirror, titanium plating, sandblasting, etc.
Through a single or combination of technology, the unique design and texture, thus forming a high-end stainless steel elevator decorative board.
What is the black steel, the copper plate of the stainless steel door?
The application that sees color stainless steel knows
Stainless steel elevator trim
3. Kitchen and bathroom decoration
Kitchen and bathroom decoration.
If stainless steel defends bath ark, the cabinet body of stainless steel ambry and cabinet door, represent the product to have stainless steel black titanium to spend board, stainless steel draw wire board, stainless steel cover film decorates board, stainless steel transfers printing decorates board to wait.

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