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Different etching process of stainless steel plate

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is rigid, with 8K mirror plate, wire drawing board, sandblasting board as the bottom plate, through the chemical method, the surface of the stainless steel corrosion out of a variety of patterns, after etching treatment, the stainless steel plate again for deep processing, such as: local and grain, wire drawing, gold, local titanium gold and other complex processing.
Stainless steel etching plate to achieve the pattern of light and dark, colorful effect.
Stainless steel etching principle: using the strong oxidation of ferric chloride, the surface of stainless steel is corroded, iron trivalent element becomes relatively stable iron element.
Specific production technology is: first in the surface of stainless steel coated with anti-corrosion layer, the need to protect the part to protect, put it into the spray line of ferric chloride, corrosion will be washed off the anti-corrosion layer, form a pattern.


The etching process is as follows:

1, etching pre-treatment, it is to ensure that the screen printing ink and metal surface with good adhesion of the key process, so must thoroughly remove the metal etching surface of oil and oxide film.

2, oil removal should be determined according to the oil pollution of the workpiece, before the screen to remove the oil, to ensure the effect of oil removal.

3, in addition to the oxidation film also according to the type of metal and film thickness of the selection of good etching fluid, to ensure that the surface clean.

4, before the screen printing to dry, if there is water, will also affect the adhesion of the ink, and affect the effect of subsequent pattern etching or even out of shape, affect the decorative effect.

5, screen printing according to the printing needs to make a standard screen printing screen plate.
In the picture decoration process, silk screen mainly plays a protective role, coated with photosensitive adhesive more times, in order to make a thicker screen template, so that the hiding performance is good, etching out the picture definition is high.

6, screen version of the film in the role of light, photochemical reaction, so that the light part of the crosslinked insoluble in water plastic film, and not by the light part of the solution of water and exposed screen space, so that in the coated film screen lithography in accordance with the black and white positive film pattern.

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