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How to correct scrub and maintenance of Brushed stainless steel?


Before this, there are most people will not know how to do the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel, more just simple wash with detergent and rags, but you don’t know is that when you do so is likely to have destroyed the protective layer on the surface of the stainless steel, rather than have the effect of maintenance, but also shorten its service life, so whether it is drawing stainless steel, mirror stainless steel or any type of stainless steel should be how to correct maintenance and maintenance?Methods I will tell you again, as follows:

Commonly we see most is the surface of chromatic stainless steel has dirt, and most of this dirt is lampblack, dirt, besmirch after accumulating day and month after month accumulates and become, so we should prepare special stainless steel surface to clean agent, and the dishcloth with relatively fine fine nap.

1. Regular maintenance of cleaning agent

Stainless steel decorative sheet is in the air a bit damp environment use after a period of time, will the surface adhesion of dust impurities, easy to produce electrochemical reaction, which will accelerate the corrosion of materials, small make up recommend the use of special cleaning agent to clean surface, then dry with dry dishcloth, maintenance cycle for a month, the most important thing is keep the plate surface dry and cool.

2, waxing,

If you want to prolong the maintenance cycle, this is easy, when we finished the regular maintenance, cleaning agents of the stainless steel surface polishing treatment can choose again, wax is equivalent to add a simple rust layer on stainless steel surface, but the effect can only be maintained for about three months or so, and the charge is not expensive, another is ten to twenty.

3. Surface treatment technology

Although stainless steel has a certain corrosion resistance, but eventually will rust, surface treatment process is equivalent to the original performance on the basis of, and add a rust layer, the effect and wax a little similar, but this rust layer is always there, here is the process of electroplating process.

There is another situation is that the stainless steel has been put into use because there has been no maintenance for a period of time, has appeared a slight rust phenomenon, at this time how to do?The methods are as follows:

1. Special rust remover

There are a lot of stainless steel on market special or it is the remover that metal material is general, the price is not expensive also, a bottle of a few money, can use half an year surplus, through the chemical element in remover and rust to produce chemical reaction, thereby remove rust, this is the most direct and when the method.

2, white vinegar rust removal method

This method and the method has the same effect, it is important to note that this method is suitable for daily use of high frequency of stainless steel products, stainless steel pot, stainless steel pot, stainless steel tableware, etc.), the first to add white vinegar, according to the proportion of 1:1 into water, heated to boiling, the rust will be white vinegar into diluent, then wipe with clean ball stainless steel surface immediately if brightness is new.

Post time: Jun-13-2019

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