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Introduction of stainless steel color laser plate

3D Laser plate

1, color stainless steel laser plate
Color stainless steel laser board is a kind of environmental protection decoration material, no organic matter such as methanol, no radiation, safety and fire prevention, suitable for large building decoration (bus station, railway station, subway station, airport, etc.), hotel and building business decoration, public facilities, new home decoration, etc.
Its characteristics are wear resistance, corrosion resistance (the international standard is 500g positive pressure soft rubber friction 200 times without fading).
Stainless steel laser plate bright color, smooth, easy to clean, durable.
2. Color classification
Bronze, cyan bronze, red bronze, black titanium gold, sky blue, pink, violet blue, grass green, golden yellow, champagne color, rose gold, coffee red, black rose, wine red.
3. Process classification
PVD vacuum plasma plating, water plating, oxidation process.
Mainly divided into four kinds :1, mirror laser technology.
2, color stainless steel mirror laser technology.
3, color stainless steel mirror pattern laser technology.
4, color stainless steel drawing etching pattern laser technology.
5, color stainless steel mirror etching pattern laser technology.
4. Performance characteristics
The color surface layer can withstand the temperature of 200℃, the salt spray corrosion resistance is better than the general stainless steel, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance is equivalent to the foil coating gold performance.
When bent at 90℃, the color layer will not be damaged.
The production process is complete, while keeping the whole stainless steel products smooth and bright, we give the stainless steel products colorful patterns, so that the products are bright, easy to clean, durable.
5, use
Can be used in the hall wall, ceiling, trunk board, building decoration, signs, luxury door, the elevator decoration, mechanical equipment, metal case shell, shell, ship, train interiors, and outdoor engineering, advertising nameplate, ambry smallpox, but external walls, screen, tunnel engineering, hotel, hall, kitchen equipment, countertops, sink, light industry products, etc.

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