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Let you know about 201 stainless steel

201 Stainless Steel Sheet

201 stainless steel coils and sheets exhibit certain acid and alkali resistance, and high density, and are free from bubbles and pinholes during being polished.

Grade C % Ni% Cr % Mn % Cu % Si % P% S % N% Mo %
201 ≤0.15 3.50-5.50 16.00-18.00 5.50-7.50  - ≤1.00 ≤0.06 ≤0.03 ≤0.25  -
201 J1 0.104 1.21 13.92 10.07 0.81 0.41 0.036 0.003 - -
201 J2 0.128 1.37 13.29 9.57 0.33 0.49 0.045 0.001 0.155 -
201 J3 0.127 1.3 14.5 9.05 0.59 0.41 0.039 0.002 0.177 0.02
201 J4 0.06 1.27 14.86 9.33 1.57 0.39 0.036 0.002 - -
201 J5 0.135 1.45 13.26 10.72 0.07 0.58 0.043 0.002 0.149 0.032

Different of 201 J1,201 J2,201 J3, 201 J4, 201 J5:

According to the up table, we will find the J series of nickel, and chromium composition is not particularly different, or the law of decline, but the carbon content of carbon and copper is the most obvious, see the SS 201 J1, J2, J3, J4, J5 data:

Copper content :J4>J1>J3>J2>J5

Carbon content :J5>J2>J3>J1>J4

Hardness :J5=J2>J3>J1>J4

For these elements composition content is different,201 series price shows like: J4>J1>J3>J2>J5

Products Usages

SS201 J1

Carbon content is slightly higher than J4 and copper content is lower than J4, its processing performance is not as good as J4, but suitable for ordinary shallow deep drawing, deep drawing products large Angle type of products, such as decorative.

SS201 J2 & J5

for decorative pipe: Just for simple adornment tubes because hardness is high(above 96°), they will have a good-looking after polishing. Not suitable for square pipe or bent pipe.

For flat J2 &J5 can have Surface treatment such as frosting, polishing, and plating for its high hardness and good surface.

SS201 J3

Suit to decorate tube, for simple processing is ok. There is feedback that shear plate bending, is broken after the internal seam (black titanium, color plate series, sanding plate, broken, folded out of the internal seam. The sink material has been bent for 90°.

SS201 J4

Suitable for deep drawing products with small Angle type. And also suit for deep drawing and salt spray test products. Like sinks, kitchenware, bathroom products, kettles, thermos, hinges, POTS and so on.


Type Stainless Steel Sheet / Stainless Steel Plate
Thickness 0.2 – 50mm
Length 2000mm, 2438mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, 12000mm, etc.
Width 40mm-600mm,1000mm,1219mm,1500mm,1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc
Surface BA / 2B / NO.1 / NO.4 / 4K / HL / 8K / Embossed
Application Architecture, Decoration, Kitchenware, Home Appliance, Medical Equipment, Petroleum, etc
Certification ISO, SGS.
Technique Cold Rolled / Hot Rolled
Edge Mill Edge / Silt Edge
Quality Mill Test Certificate supplied with the shipment, third-part inspection is acceptable

Packing & Loading:

To safeguard the surface of stainless steel, we typically opt for robust sea-worthy packaging or can customize packaging according to your specific needs.

Our professional and sturdy packaging is designed to provide maximum protection for stainless steel sheets and coils, minimizing the risk of damage from bumps and scratches during transportation.


Post time: Oct-20-2023

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