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Manufacturing process of stainless steel mirror 8K plate

Manufacturing process of stainless steel mirror 8K plate

Stainless steel 8K plate, also known as: (mirror panel, mirror light plate, mirror steel plate)

(1) Variety: divided into two types: single sided and double sided

(2) Luminance: 6K, ordinary 8K, precision ground 8K, 10K

(3) Production materials: Multiple materials such as 201/304/316/430, 2B and BA boards are selected as the base plates, and grinding fluid is used to polish them The optical equipment is polished on the stainless steel plate surface to make the brightness of the plate as clear as a mirror.

(4) Preparation of grinding fluid: Mix water, nitric acid, and iron red powder in a certain proportion. Generally, if the proportion is well adjusted, it will be produced The higher the product quality!

(5) Coarse polishing: Generally using grinding wheels: 80 # 120 # 240 # 320 # 400 # 600 # arranged in order of coarseness to fineness, (Note: 80 # is the coarsest) This process is usually ground with clean water, usually using six sets of grinding machines, mainly to remove surface roughness Roughness, burrs, sand holes, etc., with a certain depth, approximately within 2c. The surface is: fine sanded, with a certain degree of Luminance!

(6) Fine polishing: As long as machine made wool felt is used, the higher the density, the better. This process involves grinding with water, nitric acid, and iron red powder, Generally, ten sets of grinding machines are used, with no depth to speak of, mainly to remove surface oxide layers, sand holes, and rough grinding heads (also known as: Grinding flower and grinding pattern enhance brightness and highlight details.

(7) Washing and drying: This process is cleaned with clean water. The finer the brush, the better. The cleaner the water, the better the product washed out Clean, then dry with a baking lamp!

(8) Quality inspection: check for brightness, dumbfounding, peeling lines, dark bones, scratches, product deformation, and grinding marks Is it within the control range, otherwise the product quality does not meet the standard. Packing with protective film: This process is mainly aimed at meeting the standards of finished products, and the requirements are: the protective film should be applied flat and cannot leak edges, Cut neatly, then you can pack and pack!

(9) Double-sided 8K board: The process is roughly the same, but the difference is that when grinding the front side, the same size board is used to pad the bottom first to prevent Stop scratching on the reverse side, grind the front side with protective film, then grind the reverse side with a backing plate (the same process as above), grind the protective film, and then replace the front side The dirty protective film on that layer is the finished product. Due to the fact that double-sided 8K is relatively time-consuming and costly compared to single sided, So currently, the processing cost of double-sided 8K boards in the market is about three times that of single-sided 8K boards.

8K board usage: The stainless steel 8K board series products are widely used in building decoration, stainless steel shower rooms, kitchen and bathroom, and elevator Decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration and other decoration projects.

Post time: Nov-22-2023

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