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Origin and characteristics of color stainless steel plate

stainless steel color sheet

Color stainless steel plate is the use of vacuum coating technology will be in stainless steel, titanium and chromium metal evenly cover plate on the surface, and produces different colors. Vacuum coating technology, its principle is under the condition of vacuum, with low voltage, high current arc discharge technology, by use of gas discharge from target material evaporation and evaporation material ionization, under the action of electric field, the vaporized material or its reaction product deposition on the surface.

Although vacuum PVD film has a certain corrosion resistance, but in the face of acid and alkali and other highly corrosive substances contact, it is difficult to resist.
Accordingly, when maintaining at ordinary times, as far as possible do not choose contain strong acid strong alkali or decontamination ability strong cleaning agent, such as clean toilet essence, take off paint agent, metal cleaning agent, can choose industrial alcohol with soft cotton cloth gentle wipe, if the surface has dirt, also want to choose weak acid weak alkali solvent to deal with.
In addition, if exposed to harsh environment for a long time or in contact with corrosive liquid for a long time, PVD film is also prone to fall off and other problems, such as swimming pool (containing fluorine), seawater (containing much salt), high temperature and humidity (steam) and other environments.
Use of anti – fingerprint process.
More and more customers choose to plate good color PVD film layer of stainless steel products, and then coated with a layer of transparent anti-fingerprint oil, the effect is very obvious, there is no fingerprint on the hand, easy to clean, but also can increase the wear and corrosion resistance function, multiple.
But, the shortcoming is the color that besmear oil and did not besmear oil is inconsistent, add processing requirement tall, cost is not low also, affect the metal quality of the product, still have ageing to wait for a problem.
Therefore, the mirror plate is not considered to do the basic anti – fingerprint processing.
Follow-up processing problem.
PVD film has a very good adhesion with the substrate, not easy to fall off, the product can be followed by simple mechanical processing, such as cutting, folding, bending, cutting.
However, welding has a great influence on the PVD film, and the instantaneous high temperature will lead to the film falling off and discoloring. Therefore, the stainless steel products that need to be welded should be plated with color. It is better to make components first and then plate color.
The welding scar that color product leaves is handled hard, optional finished product is made process should be first weld component, undertake burnish next, purify welding scar, undertake plating color again finally.

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Post time: Oct-24-2019

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