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Seven steps to remove color stainless steel door dirt

color stainless steel door

Color color stainless steel door here refers to a vacuum plating equipment of color or the water chemistry plating to get the color of the surface layer of color film, such as vacuum plating rose gold, black titanium, titanium gold, bronze, champagne, red wine, coffee, etc., water plating often used are: green bronze, red copper, antique copper and black titanium.
1 dirt
If there is only dirt on the surface of the door, wipe it with dishwashing liquid
Can be.
But what should notice is the material of stainless steel door is lens face or brushed, if lens face is about to pay special attention to clean tool, dishcloth must be clean and dust-free.
Additional, stainless steel cleanness has special cleaner, call stainless steel cleaner or stainless steel brightener, also use special nurse agent, have stainless steel oil, can remove stain, restore stainless steel brightener.
2 tape marks
If you want to remove any traces of tape on your door, wipe it with warm water and scrub it with alcohol.
3. Oil stains on the surface
If the surface has grease stains such as dirt, you can directly wipe with a soft cloth, and then wash with ammonia solution.
Acid pickling left traces
If there is bleach and various acids on the surface of the colored stainless steel door, rinse immediately with water, followed by neutral carbonated soda water, and then rinse with clean water.
5 the rainbow stripes
The door surface has rainbow pattern, may be too much oil, or detergent caused, with warm water can be washed.
Slight surface rust
If there is rust on the surface, you can use the concentration of 10% nitric acid cleaning, also can use special maintenance fluid, finally with a similar color painted, to reach 1 meter outside the eye view difficult to see.
7 stubborn stains
If there are stubborn stains on the surface can be used to rub radish or cucumber stem with detergent, do not use steel ball, can cause great damage to the door.

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