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Stainless steel color decorative plate titanium plating will not cause product rust

Colorful stainless steel decorative plate

Titanium is a kind of anti-corrosion metal, at room temperature, titanium can safely lie in a variety of strong acid strong alkali solution, even the most fierce acid-royal water (royal water: concentrated nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid ratio of three to one ratio, can dissolve gold), can not corrosion it, so people use titanium to make submarines.

Therefore, the rust on the product after titanium plating is not the rust of titanium film, but the rust of the product itself.

On the product before titanium plating, if the product itself has oxide (or sand hole, stoma), then the point of oxide (or sand hole, stoma) after titanium plating is called weak point, which is not strong enough with the substrate itself.After a period of time, the titanium layer at the oxide point of the substrate is easy to fall off, so rust and titanium plating layer fall off.

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Post time: Apr-28-2019

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