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Stainless steel color pull plate processing technology


Stainless steel

Drawing board refers to the surface generally referred to as a general name, the previous name is frosted board, the surface of the surface of the grain straight grain, random grain (and grain), ripple and thread and other main types.
Straight silk line is from the top to the bottom of the uninterrupted lines, the general use of fixed wire drawing machine parts before and after movement.
Snow pattern is now the most popular one, by a little bit of regular point composition, can be used to achieve the effect of sandpaper worm.
Nylon grain is composed of lines of different lengths, because of the soft texture of the nylon wheel can be ground uneven parts, reaching the nylon grain.
Oil frosted stainless steel is cold rolled product (such as 2B/BA surface), by grinding unit (steel coil) processing of the surface of the steel strip, because the grinding process with rolling oil cooling, commonly known as oil frosted, after the grinding strip usually have NO.3/NO.4 (short wire hair) and HL (drawing, filament hair).
The surface of the polishing unit (the grinding unit of the plate) usually has 8k surface (the mirror plate). If the surface is coated or etched, different surfaces and patterns will be obtained to meet the needs of different users.
Oil mill wire drawing is made by using emulsion grinding fluid on the basis of wire grinding.
The surface of oil mill wiredrawing is delicate and lustrous, with certain resistance to stains.
Oil mill wiredrawing H USES sand belt grinding, its equipment manufacturing cost and consumable cost is higher, so its processing cost is higher than dry mill, generally used in more upscale places, stainless steel after oil mill reflects the perfect decorative effect, widely used in elevators, household decorative panels.

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