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stainless steel stamped

Water corrugated stainless steel embossing board has been popular in various decorative industries for a long time, to prevent rust, and very beautiful.
Acid resistance, alkali resistance, high density, no bubble polishing, no pinhole.
The bright silvery water ripple smallpox of large area, make whole space is fully bright and clean, reflect a depth change below the light, deepened the administrative levels feeling of the space.
Stainless steel plate grinding mirror surface and then pressure water ripple, concave and convex position will produce bright effect, concave down position will keep the stainless steel matte color, convex position will have reflective mirror effect, according to the requirements can be plated on various colors.
The advantages of water corrugated stainless steel
Stainless steel water corrugated embossed board, durable, decorative effect, visual beauty, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance free, resistance, pressure, health scratch and no finger print.
And the concave and convex feeling of water ripple makes the stereo feeling incomparable, the visual effect is obvious, the regulation is very clear.

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Post time: Dec-23-2019