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Stainless steel mirror decoration process processing principle


Stainless steel plate production principle is stainless steel raw materials with grinding fluid through the polishing equipment on the plate surface polishing, making the plate surface flat and luminosity as clear as a mirror.Stainless steel mirror plate series products are widely used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facilities decoration and other decoration projects.

Stainless steel mirror plate processing production process can be divided into general grinding and fine grinding two ways, so the two processing ways produced by the mirror effect which is better?And this is about to look at the brightness of the surface of the mirror to distinguish, and the surface of the board sand and grinding flowers must be less.Generally speaking, the stainless steel plate in the polishing machine processing, the slower its speed, the more groups of grinding, and this effect will be very good;When using the polishing equipment for processing of stainless steel plate, sheet is first and foremost to play sand, and then put the stainless steel plate in grinding fluid, including through 8 groups of different degree of grinding head grinding, grinding process is basically on the surface of the stainless steel plate processing, this process is not deep, this step is to go to remove the oxide layer on stainless steel plate surface.


After finishing the above process, it is ok after washing and drying, and the color stainless steel mirror plate is colored on the basis of stainless steel plate mirror plate, now high-grade color stainless steel mirror plate is processed by vacuum ion plating technology.It can even etch the pattern on the mirror plate, and you can get a variety of patterns and styles of pattern etch plate.

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