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Technical knowledge of color stainless steel plate



Spot welding process: spot welding process, also on the fillet welding process, is respectively in the joint of the positive Angle and the negative Angle spot welding, from the front of the screen to see the past, can see the gap of the interface.
The size of the gap, and open material master, master welding has a great relationship, good hands of the old master spot welding out to make the product gap is very small, of course, the smaller the gap is better.
The screen structure of spot welding is as strong as that of full welding.

Full welding process: full welding process is what we usually call seamless welding. After welding, we also need to go through polishing, drawing or polishing process. After the finished product, we cannot see the welding gap.

Wire-drawing process: machining surface treatment, wire-drawing is the use of wire-drawing cloth reciprocating movement, back and forth friction on the surface of the workpiece surface to improve the smoothness of a method, the surface texture is linear.
Can improve the surface quality, cover the surface slight scratch.
Mirror technology: machined surface treatment.
Mirror is machined processing, polishing the surface into a mirror like reflective effect.

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