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The difference between the stainless steel plate and the original plate

The delivery state of the stainless steel plate in the steel mill is sometimes in the form of a roll. When the machine flattens this type of stainless steel coil, the flat plate formed is called an open flat plate. Generally, the price of these stainless steel plates is much lower than that of the rolled flat plate. original tablet. In addition, these original plates are also called medium plates.

The internal stress level of the stainless steel plate is relatively high, so the dimensional stability is weak. With the different process parameters during the Kaiping operation, the internal stress distribution is also different, and the bearing capacity will be different in different directions of the vertical length. And this carrying capacity is difficult to measure with ordinary strength indicators.

Therefore, the open plate of the stainless steel plate will have a large degree of welding deformation during welding, and it is difficult to adjust. Therefore, if it is a component with high surface quality requirements, the open plate cannot be used.

The original flat plate of stainless steel plate refers to the fact that the plate is directly formed in a flat shape when it is manufactured. The flat plate refers to the thinner thickness, which is in the shape of a roll during manufacture. To remove the curling stress and cause the inconvenience of blanking and use, the rolled plate is flattened by a flat machine, and the flattened plate is called a flat plate.

There is no difference between the mechanical properties of the opened flat plate and the factory’s original flat plate. The biggest difference lies in the surface of the stainless steel plate. The flatness of the factory’s original flat plate is higher than that of the opened flat plate. After cutting for some time, there may be a sickle bend in the shape of the original roll. Since the extended flat plate is made of stainless steel coils through uncoiling, leveling, and shearing, its comprehensive mechanical properties are not as good as the original flat plate, so it is larger The original tablet was used on some important occasions.

The original slabs are usually cut with four sides, and the opened slabs are usually cut with two sides unless there are special requirements. The thickness tolerance of the opened plate can be slightly larger than that of the original plate.

If the flatness of the board surface is not very high, you can use the open flat plate. Although the surface quality of the open flat plate is not as good as that of the original flat surface, its price is relatively low.

The stainless steel plate can be distinguished from the original plate by the color of the plate. Because the open plate is originally strip steel, it is rolled, so its scale will be less. Under the same conditions, the surface color of the open plate and the original plate will be different after some time. The original plate will turn red, while the open plate will turn Blue, sometimes as a quick identification.

Post time: Mar-18-2023