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What are the advantages of color stainless steel surface fingerless processing?

Color Stainless Steel Sheet

Color stainless steel fingerless plate refers to the color of stainless steel decoration on the surface coated with a layer of transparent colorless to pale yellow liquid protective layer, this transparent nano metal roller coating drying, and a variety of texture of color stainless steel decorative plate surface firmly combined together, forming a transparent solid solid protective layer.Color stainless steel fingerless plate processing technology will affect the metal plate lasting beauty, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance.

The advantages of color stainless steel surface without fingerprint processing.

1, easy to clean surface stains, do not need metal cleaning agent, some chemical agents will make the stainless steel plate black;It is not easy to stick the handprint, dust, exquisite feel, with super resistance to fingerprint and anti – fouling effect.

2, no fingerprint transparent film layer can protect the metal surface will not be easily scratched, because the surface electroplated oil has a good film, hardness is higher, not easy to peel, powder, yellow.

3, the appearance of a strong sense of texture, with oily moist, soft touch, have retained a good metal texture.

4. Fingerless plate changes the cold and rigid characteristics of metal, and looks warm, elegant and decorative.

5, color stainless steel fingerless plate rust resistance excellent, in the metal surface to form a layer of protective film effectively prevent the external erosion of the metal interior, the service life is greatly extended.

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Post time: Oct-19-2019

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