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What are the types of colored stainless steel plates?

Color stainless steel plate because of its decorative effect and corrosion resistance is better than ordinary stainless steel, wear resistance, scratching resistance, scrubbing resistance and processing performance is also strong;


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At present, it has been widely used in hotels, guesthouses, entertainment venues, high-end brand stores, high-end buildings of elevator car board, car board, hall wall board, background, ceiling, architectural decoration, signboards and other places.


Color stainless steel plate surface without any coating, without any toxicity. Its main colors are: titanium gold, gold color, sapphire blue, black, coffee, young color, zirconium gold, bronze, rose gold, Champagne gold and so on


And the surface state can also be made into oil grinding wire drawing, oil grinding snow sand, 8K, fine grinding mirror and surface without fingerprint processing and other types. The varieties and specifications are complete, the styles are novel and changeable,

Stainless steel color plate is generally distinguished by three aspects:

1. Surface treatment includes drawing, mirror, sandblasting, mess, composite hair lines, cross lines and so on.

2. Surface colors include gold, rose gold, champagne gold, black titanium, brown gold, etc.

3. No fingerprint is generally divided into light, matte.

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