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What is colored stainless steel etching board?


Etching plate

Color stainless steel etching plate technology is in the stainless steel plate surface through chemical method, corrosion out of a variety of patterns.
Color stainless steel etching plate is the stainless steel 8K mirror plate as the bottom plate, after the etching treatment and then coloring or coloring in the etching, the surface of the stainless steel plate and then deep processing, can carry on the local and grain, drawing, gold, local coloring and other complex processing, to achieve the pattern of light and dark, colorful effect.
Color stainless steel etching board main pattern has: size circle, figure.
Color stainless steel has what color, through several processing technology to achieve
The surface matte, looks a few more class, embossing board is in the stainless steel surface through the physical pressure action in the stainless steel board surface produces a pattern, make the board surface luminance as clear as a mirror, snowflake sand board touch a three-dimensional, etching board, cabinet ceiling, this is a kind of stainless steel processing technology.
Titanium plate mold and etching mold can be universal, but touch out.
Frosted with ordinary sand, road plate.
Length, table top [url=35/].
And B plate;
Water plating is mainly black titanium and copper plating.

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