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What is electropolishing

Color plating 8K mirror rose-red stainless steel

Electropolishing is an electropolishing process that USES the principle that the anode dissolves first in a specific electrolyte with appropriate current density and microscopic convex points on the surface of the metal.

 Advantages of electrolytic polishing:

 (1) the internal and external color and luster is consistent, lasting, hard materials, soft materials and thin wall, complex shape, small parts and products can be processed with mechanical polishing;

 (2) short polishing time, and can be more than one polishing, high production efficiency, low cost.

 (3) increase the corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface.

 (4) the polished surface will not produce metamorphic layer, no additional stress, and can remove or reduce the original stress layer.

 Disadvantages of electrolytic polishing: it is mainly manifested in complex pre-polishing treatment, poor universality of electrolyte, short service life, strong corrosion and difficult to handle, etc., and the application scope of electrolytic polishing is limited to a certain extent.

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Post time: Apr-30-2019

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