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What is mechanical polishing


Mechanical polishing is carried out on a special polishing machine.A polishing machine is mainly composed of an electric motor and one or two polishing discs driven by it.A polished cloth of different materials used on a polishing disc.Rough throw often USES canvas or coarse cloth, fine throw often USES flannelette, fine cloth or silk, when polishing, drip continuously on polishing CD polishing fluid, or besmear on polishing CD with the cream shape polish agent that makes by very fine diamond powder.When polishing, the grinding surface of the sample should be evenly and evenly pressed on the rotating polishing disc.Pressure should not be too large, and along the edge of the disk to the center of continuous radial reciprocating movement.A bright mirror surface is obtained by eliminating wear marks by the relative grinding and rolling action between a very fine polishing powder (liquid) and the grinding surface.


Characteristics of mechanical polishing: low cost, simple operation, but low efficiency, uneven polishing surface, polishing time is difficult to master, suitable for small surface treatment.

Post time: Apr-29-2019

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