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What is the advantage of stainless steel fingerprintless board


In the field of decoration, the figure of stainless steel plate is everywhere, especially the stainless steel plate decoration in public places.If bright and beautiful stainless steel decorates board surface to be stained with fingerprint, the result will be just the opposite of what one hoped for.Fingerprint – free stainless steel plate advantage in the end?

1. Strong appearance and texture.The stainless steel plate without fingerprint processing has the characteristics of moistening and shining, and retains a good metal texture.

2. Improved tactile sensation.No fingerprint film layer changes the cold, rigid characteristics of stainless steel itself, so that it becomes soft and delicate, feel warm and elegant.

3. Plate surface stains are easy to clean.Do not fingerprint processing of stainless steel plate, the surface is easy to clean, do not need metal cleaning agent (to avoid blackening of the surface), and not easy to stick to fingerprints, dust, feel fine, has a better resistance to fingerprints and anti-fouling effect.

4, the board is not easily scratched.No fingerprint can form a dense film layer on the surface of stainless steel, with high hardness, can resist the general scratch damage from the outside.

5, improve the rust resistance of stainless steel.No fingerprint film layer can effectively prevent the erosion of the outside world, avoid the oxidation reaction of stainless steel, the service life of stainless steel plate will be extended.

For color stainless steel plate, it is necessary to do without fingerprints.Coated stainless steel plate, if long-term exposure to the air, will occur discoloration, resulting in uneven color.But after does not have the fingerprint processing, may avoid the stainless steel board surface to contact directly with the outside world, the color maintains long bright new.In addition, once the color stainless steel plate scratches, directly exposed stainless steel color, contrast, affect the appearance;But does not have the fingerprint processing the stainless steel plate, may avoid the small scratch to bring the eclipse influence.

Post time: Jun-06-2019

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