What is the characteristic of stainless steel laminating board


Advantages of stainless steel laminating board

1, stainless steel laminating plate with excellent performance, such as corrosion resistance, rust resistance.

2, stainless steel laminates are more environmentally friendly with energy saving and health three characteristics, its production no solvent, no waste gas, less environmental pollution, energy saving effect is significant.

3, stainless steel laminating plate is more stable.Compared with the wooden panel, the metal laminating board is more resistant to moisture, more durable, more stable, not easy to deformation.

4, anti-lampblack: made of PVC high gloss film, easy to clean;

5, wear resistance: unique PET layer, strong and durable;

6, anti-moisture: surface coated, reduced water and stainless steel direct contact, durability;

7, good touch: the surface has a layer of film, smooth touch, change the metal material cold and single feelin

8. There are many colors and patterns to choose from;

9. Moderate price and high cost performance.

Post time: Jun-11-2019
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