304 Stainless Steel Hairline Finish Champagne Gold Color Coating Metal Sheet for Hotel Wall Panel Skirting Line

304 Stainless Steel Hairline Finish Champagne Gold Color Coating Metal Sheet for Hotel Wall Panel Skirting Line

A hairline stainless steel sheet is a type of stainless steel sheet with a hairline finish. This finish is achieved by polishing the stainless steel surface with a fine abrasive material to create a uniform, matte finish that resembles hairlines

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    Hairline stainless steel sheet is a type of stainless steel sheet with a hairline finish. This finish is achieved by polishing the stainless steel surface with a fine abrasive material to create a uniform, matte finish that resembles hairlines.

    Hairline stainless steel sheets are commonly used in architectural and decorative applications, such as wall panels, elevator interiors, and furniture. They are also used in the manufacturing of appliances and kitchen equipment. Hairline finishes are available in various grades of stainless steel, including 304, 316, and 430. The thickness of the sheet can vary depending on the intended use, ranging from 0.4mm to 3mm.

    Specifications Of HL Stainless Steel Sheet

    Item Name

    HL finish Stainless Steel Sheet

    Others Name

    hl ss, ss hairline finish, hairline polish stainless steel, hairline stainless steel, plat stainless hairline, stainless steel hairline finish

    Surface Finish



    bronze hairline stainless steel, black stainless steel hairline finish, gold stainless steel hairline finish, and other colors.


    ASTM, AISI, SUS, JIS, EN, DIN, GB, etc.


    TISCO, Baosteel, POSCO, ZPSS, etc.


    0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.0/2.50 to 150 (mm)






    SGS, BV, ISO, etc.

    Protective Film

    PVC protective film, Laser film, etc.

    Stock Size

    All sizes in stock


    Cut to sizes and colors as custom’s request. Free samples for your reference.


    304 316L 201 202 430 410s 409 409L, etc.

    Delivery Time

    7-30 days.

     Apricot hairline 024 

    pattern color

    Applications For Brushed Metal Sheet With Hairline Texture

    When using stainless steel for applications that easily get stained and dirty on the surface, particularly that frequently touched by people in public areas such as elevators, kitchens, restaurants, and so on, a brushed hairline finish would be the perfect type for these purposes. Unlike the mirror stainless steel sheet or other metals without finish, the dense hairline grains on the surface look beautiful and provide a milder tone. Its texture can hide scratches, fingerprints, and other blemishes. Hairline stainless steel sheet is also suitable for not requiring a highly reflective effect to brighten the space.

     What is Hairline Stainless Steel?

    Hairline stainless steel is a type of metal having the surface directionally polished by a rotational bristle brush on a wheel or belt, the brush is driven to grind the surface in the same direction. Such a finishing process can create grains that look like straight hairlines on the surface. Afterward, use a tender non-woven abrasive pad or belt to soften the grains. A dull matte texture can be made by applying the #4 polishing technique. The brushing process can reduce the reflectivity on the surface, but the straight-line texture can present a luster effect that most people regard as a unique aesthetic element. Such an appealing effect is often popular for architecture and other applications.

    In addition to stainless steel, the brushing finish also can be utilized for other metal types, such as aluminum or copper. Especially for some electronic products and small appliances, as an aluminum enclosure finished with a hairline can prevent the surface from leaving fingerprints on it after being touched, and hide some dirt or scratches on the surface. Though hairline polished metal has many benefits, there is an adverse result, its ability to resist corrosion is reduced, as the brushed texture can easily attach dust and stain on the surface, which needs more cleaning to keep it clear to prevent.

     Material Options For Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

    304 Stainless Steel Sheet: Grade 304 is the most widely used type of stainless steel sheet metal that we usually find in various commercial applications, 304 stainless steel sheet has resistance to rust and corrosion, and it’s a fire-proof and heat-resistance material as it comes with a high melting point, and the surface finished with mirror finish is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. 304 stainless steel with a polished surface is a versatile type of material that is widely used for bathroom ceilings, walls, kitchen sinks, backsplashes, food equipment, and so on.
    316L Stainless Steel Sheet: For further enhancing the ability to resist corrosion and oxidation, stainless steel of grade 316L is the most ideal one, and it’s regarded as marine grade stainless steel. The letter “L” means LOW CONTENT of carbon, which is lower than 0.03%, which has better properties of easy welding and resistance to rust and corrosion. 316 stainless steel sheet with BA, 2B finish is generally used for the facade, and other indoor and outdoor decorative applications, tools and facilities for food, and any application that highly requires resistance. 

    Benefits Of Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet

    For architectural applications, there are various different types of stainless steel sheets on the market, it would be better to consider some factors in order to choose a proper type for your specified need. In addition to the basic alloy steel types (304, 316, 201, 430, etc.), another main difference between them is how their surfaces are finished, many techniques can be used for the surface finishes, one of the common types is brushed finish, which is also known as hairline finish. Now let’s keep discovering some benefits that brushed stainless steel sheets come in.

    Easy Cleaning

    Hairline stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, as the matte surface can hide fingerprints or sweat stains when people touch it. That can help save you much effort and time for cleaning, it’s the perfect option for kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere cleaning is necessary. 

    High Strength

    One of the major reasons brushed stainless steel is popular is its basic material is tough and durable, its high strength gives it an outstanding resistance to strong impact and wear. Compared with other materials, stainless steel doesn’t need much material being used to form a strong structure, it can always keep its shape in good condition.


    Stainless steel is a durable material, which can provide a long useful life, and even thin stainless steel won’t deform under great pressure at high and low temperatures, making it one of the best ideal materials for various applications. 

    Corrosion Resistance

    Stainless steel with hairline textures is corrosion and rust resistance. The material can withstand rust, water, moisture, saline air, etc. The reason why stainless steel has a strong resistance is that it’s an alloying metal that consists of some elements like chromium, which can form a strong resistant layer when it’s oxidized in the air, this layer allows the surface to resist rust and corrosion. In addition to chromium, such an alloy metal also includes some other elements to enhance its properties, such as molybdenum, nickel, titanium, and more.


    It’s a sustainable option when choosing stainless steel, as it’s a recyclable type of material. the scrap of stainless steel can be recycled for reuse once it has lost its original function most stainless steel products are made from recycled scrapped material. Unlike some other materials, recycling scrapped stainless steel doesn’t need any harmful chemicals to process, and it’s not necessary to add some elements that already exist in the material. 

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